July 16th, 2015

My Journey with The Clarity Experience

By Addie K Martin

In order to set my intentions for the next few years of my life, I recently completed Empowered Wealth’s Clarity Experience. I used Module #6 in Empowered Wealth Connect to educate myself on the process. The module contained both videos and instructional materials that help me understand why the Clarity Experience is so important and how I could go about completing it.

In this month’s post, I’d like to walk you through my own journey with the Clarity Experience and explain how it helped me get crystal clear on what the next three years has in store for me and my husband Jeremy. This is a powerful exercise. It allowed me to envision the future exactly as I’d like it to be. It was empowering to live in my ideal future and clearly envision what it’s going to be like for us.

The purpose of the Clarity Experience is to develop a laser clear vision of what life will be like in three years from now. Lee Brower says that once you’re clear about what you’re doing and where you’re going, you can actually slow down time. Of course, being the young, busy professional that I am, that prospect appeals to me greatly. I have many different roles and responsibilities in my life and those take considerable time and effort on my part. However, when I was working on my Clarity Experience, I stripped away most of those and focused on the ones that were most vital to my overall life experiences.

The first step I took in the Clarity Experience was to very specifically lay out and detail what it is that I’d have to have happen in my life in three years, both personally and professionally, that’d make me feel like I’d made meaningful and significant progress in my life. This exercise was my favorite part of the whole experience. I was able to indulge myself in thinking of all of my hopes and dreams for the future. I wrote these in the present tense, as if these things had already come to pass. It was a great exercise, and one that I found quite valuable in clarifying what my next few years hold for me.

I dreamed really big because I have big dreams for my life and for Jeremy’s life. These are some of the highlights:

  • Traveling the world and working remotely
  • Feeling a sense of complete freedom
  • Absolutely loving life
  • A deep sense of excitement about life and what it holds
  • Impeccable health and fitness levels
  • Significant personal and professional growth
  • Robust income level that sustains our lifestyle and travel needs
  • Successful coaching business in my desired niche
  • Thriving writing career

In the Clarity Experience process, there’s a little twist. Like me, most people will have long lists full of goals, hopes, and dreams. In order gain clarity, the process asks that I simplify: of all the things I’d written about and crystallized, I needed to choose which of these I’d have, if I could only have one. For me, that choice was easy: traveling the world. If I really could only have one of the changes I’d dreamed up, I’d take traveling the world. The next step in the process is to assign that one achievement to the most appropriate quadrant in the Brower Quadrant. For me, traveling the world falls into my Experience Quadrant. Beyond that, the next step is to pick three more from my list, one for each of the remaining quadrants. Combined, these become the Four Keys. Below is the visualization of my Four Keys.

Addie K Martin-Four Keys

The idea here is that achieving those four goals will allow me to bring the rest of my goals to fruition. I can use these Four Keys as the guide for my next three years. The rationale here is that when I’ve achieved my Four Keys, most everything else on my list will happen as well.  I will have developed the confidence, the discipline, and the necessary know-how to make everything else happen. It’s quite easy for me to see how that’s completely possible. When I’m able to distill it all to what’s really, truly important to me, I’ve identified what’s essential in my life. That’s where the real power lies.

The very last part of this exercise was also very fun and enlightening for me. This whole process is really put into perspective by answering these two questions: Now that I’ve completed my Four Keys and have attained my goals, who am I? And further, what am I capable of achieving? For me, those answers are quite evident: I’m now a strong, competent, successful, and capable individual. I can run my own business and survive (and thrive) in a non-traditional life setting and environment. What’s further beyond that is that I’m now stronger and more resilient than I’d ever previously been in my life.

Of all the work that I’ve done through Empowered Wealth, the Clarity Experience has been the most fruitful for me. It’s given me a clear and full vision of what my life will look like in three years, and it’s provided a compass for me to use to get there. Armed with this knowledge, I’m now able to make the best possible decisions and take the most appropriate actions. I’ve removed the uncertainty and doubt that faced me previously, and I’ve gifted myself with a clear direction and purpose. In the end, that’s the most useful tool I could ask for.

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