March 30th, 2012

My Dream Come True

By Lee Brower

Last night I had a memorable experience with my good friend and partner, Jay Paterson, in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Jay and his wife, Anne, had invited 40 potential “Thrivers” to a meet and greet.  (Not sure of the definition for “Thrivers”? Check out Chapter 12 in The Brower Quadrant). Jay and I presented the benefits of adopting the Empowered Wealth Pillars of Sustainable Prosperity.

The experience was magical. We had multiple generations in attendance from Grandparents down to youngsters from eleven years on up.  Not only was this a very dynamic and mixed group… but they were “interested and engaged”!

Sarah, a fourteen year old up and coming leader, couldn’t wait to show her notes from the meeting and share how she is incorporating the Principles of Gratitude, Leadership, Legacy and Leverage as a leader in education and philanthropy. Sam, also fourteen, explained how he is using the Quadrants to build his own business; and, his eleven year old brother explained how he is investing the money he earns from working in his brother’s business so he can have the freedom to do what he wants to do when he graduates from high school. (He is already campaigning to be a full partner… however, his older brother says he still needs to prove himself).

It’s exciting to see people of all ages embrace the journey of self and family empowerment. Moving from a state of powerLESSness to a state of powerFULness! Think of the advantage these youngsters have by understanding and practicing the principles of Sustainable Prosperity. They provide an optimistic vision of hope for the future. Think about their parents and how they are inspiring their children and how they are inspired by their children. And, don’t forget the grandparents (I happen to have eleven grandchildren). Is it too late for us to lead our family with true wealth principles? No! We have an advantage- to our grandchildren we can do no wrong!

Last night I lived a dream that began many years ago. Unrelated families gathering together to share ideas of family leadership guided by principles that are continuously evolving as they are being experienced, captured and shared. It will be a night to remember.

Thank you, Jay and Anne, for inviting me to be with you. Thank you for embracing the principles of Empowered Wealth and Sustainable Prosperity. Thank you for your leadership and passion to share with others. And, thanks to those that attended and to all of you who are striving to become Thriving Families. Our journey can and should be satisfying, rewarding and FUN!

Lee Brower

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  1. Shae

    This story brought the biggest smile to my face!

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