June 4th, 2014

More on Why Mindset Matters

By Ron Nakamoto

The post below from the Sparring Mind blog, delves into "fixed" versus "growth" mindsets.  After reading this post, it's clear that the growth mindset has many benefits over the fixed.  An important consideration would seem to me to be "what else can I add to this mindset or perspective?"  In other words, how can I be more productive and become more self-actualized through better habits and thoughts?

Of course, those who have followed my posts know that I relentlessly advocate The Empowered Wealth Mindset with our focus on Gratitude, True Wealth, Family Leadership, Living Legacy, and Congruent Leverage. Add entrepreneurial principles and employ a daily routine that's designed to ingrain these elements as long-term habits and traits (i.e., the things that Lee Brower promotes in his coaching and speeches)…that's what Empowered Wealth Connect is all about.



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The Most Important Mindset for Long-term Success
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