December 19th, 2011

Mob looted SoHo store on violent Black Friday

By Dave

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Mob looted SoHo store on violent Black Friday


Last Updated: 12:42 PM, November 26, 2011

The store didn’t open fast enough for them — so they came up with their own door-buster.

A group of rabid shoppers, angry at having to wait for trendy Hollister clothing chain’s New York flagship in SoHo to open yesterday, crashed through its doors — and treated themselves a looting spree, cops and witnesses said.

The renegade bargainhunters — among about people waiting in a line since midnight outside the store, wrongly thinking it opened then — broke inside about 1:15 a.m. and snatched up armfuls of sweatshirts, sweaters and other clothing.

They managed to bolt with their illicit haul before store security could shut down the greedy grab-fest.

“They ran in and took bundles of clothes,’’ said stunned bystander Akeem Bridgeman, 17, who witnessed the free-for-all at the store on Broadway and East Houston Street.

“They were throwing things around and throwing clothes on the floor.”

“One kid, he was being really loud and crazy and gathered up all these clothes and ran out of the store and started giving them to his friends. They were really wild.

“There were a couple employees there [stocking shelves], and they were shouting at people, `Stop! You’re breaking and entering and breaking the law!’ But the people looting just ignored them,” he said.

The incident erupted after dozens of shoppers started lining up outside the massive store thinking it was going to open at midnight and feature hunky, shirtless, models milling about as part of a touted national campaign. The problem was, the store wasn’t part of the promotion and was slated to open at 10 a.m.

After waiting more than an hour in the cold, “we saw people in the front pulling on the doors, and the crowd started chanting, ‘Open the doors! Open the store!’ ” said Bridgeman, who was near the back of the line with his girlfriend.

Suddenly, Bridgeman said, the line started to move — but not because store workers opened up early.

Several sources said a group of thugs broke the door, and the lights in the store went on.

Shoppers suddenly plowed into the store en masse.

“At first, we didn’t even realize what had happened,” Bridgeman said. “We thought the store was open.’’

By the time the store alarm triggered and cops arrived, Bridgeman said, the damage was done.

“It was really scary — people were hiding [from the mayhem] behind cars,” he said.

Store security officials and the NYPD are reviewing a videotape of the incident, which shows “people inside going through clothes as though they were leisurely shopping,” said one incredulous source.

While the store has workers and security on-site 24 hours a day, according to one company source, Bridgeman said they were badly outnumbered.

In a separate incident, cops were called back to the store at 3 p.m., where two suspects were arrested for shoplifting, police said.

A Hollister spokesman couldn’t be reached for comment.

The store melee was just one of several frightening incidents involving shoppers across the country yesterday.

In some cases, crazed bargain-hunters resorted to gunfire, pepper spray and fistfights to make their way to the shelves.

More than two dozen people were injured in the dust-ups — many of which took place at Walmart stores, which had opened at midnight.

* In Leandro, Calif., a shopper was in critical but stable condition after being shot by armed robbers who demanded his haul outside a Walmart.

* In Los Angeles, a woman unloaded a blast of pepper spray on fellow Walmart shoppers to keep them away from a pile of electronics she wanted to Friday

buy, cops said.

About 20 people — including kids — were injured in the attack.

* In Phoenix, a grandfather trying to help his grandson was trampled by Walmart shoppers and then slammed to the ground and knocked unconscious by cops who accused him of shoplifting. The granddad had put a video game in his waistband when he reached down to help the boy, witnesses said.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/mob_scene_at_soho_hollister_5bpjr8htkHocE34ScnhXsK#ixzz1glTxor4x

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