December 7th, 2014

Maybe It Is About Values-Based Planning After All

By Ron Nakamoto

For some time now at Empowered Wealth, we've viewed Values-Based Planning with skepticism simply because early proponents of Values-Based Planning were often using the term to differentiate themselves in the marketplace rather than actually providing substantially more valuable services. However, the Forbes article below makes a compelling argument for values over goals as the basis for financial and estate planning.

But, just because we shift our perspective from goals to values doesn't mean we're necessarily closer to developing more meaningful plans and strategies.

Shifting to a values focus raises many new questions. We might ask ourselves, What are values? How do we know that our avowed values are our true values? What values take priority? How and when do values shift? Which values truly serve us and which might not?

We've been studying and researching a new way to integrate experiences, with stories, and values into a new, more humanistic way of delivering real, valuable, results-oriented services. Watch for announcements on this in early 2015.



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