June 11th, 2013

Making "Mission" More Real

By Ron Nakamoto

This article by Yanik Silver provides a well-intentioned but hard-to-follow prescription for a profitable and meaningful venture. He describes this as "mission".  Ever since business school 30 years ago, I've always thought of "mission" as an academic construct, somewhat divorced from the "real" world.  It's the sort of platitude-rich document you see on the wall in the waiting areas of offices (Enron had one of the best mission statements).  #empoweredwealth takes a somewhat different approach with the Empowered Wealth Mindset; specifically linking gratitude with contribution and living legacy, and reframing financial assets as value creation.  Rather than 5 tips, we're advocating a whole new way of thinking and approaching life.

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Change the Rules: 5 Ways to Bring Mission Into Your Business
Weaving a greater mission into your financial goals can help get your team, customers and community involved to grow your bottom line.

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