December 25th, 2012

Living Legacy and Empowered Gratitude

By Ron Nakamoto

Although this blog post is a Christmas spirit post, it describes an idea that’s similar to  #empoweredwealth ‘s “legacy breakfast”, without the anonymity.  It’s a good story about creating a living legacy and actively expressing gratitude through positive actions.

Reshared post from +John De Bord

So this just happened-Merry Christmas!
READ! I thought that I would go shoot some photos of downtown Denver this morning and I am glad I did. I came upon a very busy intersection when I saw a girl who looked about to be in her early to mid 20s who was obviously very new at being homeless. Odd I thought, not your typical homeless person when you think of that. Pulling up next to her, flashers on, I rolled down my window and gave her $2. I looked at her and said “Merry Christmas” and she looked at me, thanked me deeply and started to cry. I don’t think i have ever wanted to truly hug someone so much in my life. I pulled away and proceeded to head back towards downtown when I remembered that McDonald’s was open in some locations today. ~Lightbulb Moment!~ I went around the block, pulled up again by her and asked “You like coffee? Cream or sugar?” She lit up and replied with “I drink it black!” to which I said “Ok stay here, be right back, I am getting you some coffee and buying you breakfast as well!” I thought she was about to pass out.
So, 2 extra large cups of coffee, 2 Sausage McGriddles and 2 Western Burritos later, I think she is pretty darn full! I gave her one of my business cards and told her “anytime you want someone to talk with, get a hold of me”. My Dad who was with me was pretty floored by what I did and said “you know John, she is very very pretty! She could model for heavens sake”. I looked at him and said “I know but that is irrelevant. I just wanted her to think there is still hope and to smile. It’s Christmas!”
For me, this is what it’s about! Making someone’s day who never would have expected it!

#merrychristmas  —John

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