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Powerful Family Leadership is the foundation for THRIVING in a world challenged by increasing abundance and exponential technological advancements.
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“In Gratitude”

You struggle in feeling and expressing gratitude for experiences, people, & other blessings; yet, have no problem enumerating your grievances.

You are frequently annoyed when you do something for someone and feel like they did nothing to show their appreciation.


You have observable positivity and daily acknowledge the blessings, people, opportunities and challenges in your life.


You are empowered by living “IN” gratitude even in life’s most challenging trials; and you lead others in passionately serving worthy causes without expecting anything in return.

True Wealth Based

You feel overwhelmed with increased debt and expenses. You live and breathe to survive financially.

You have some savings and recognize the importance of those things money can’t buy. However, you wouldn’t know it by the way you spend your time and money.

Your faith and family come first and you are financially comfortable. You strive to instill virtuous values and valuable memories with those you lead.

Everything you do, you believe in empowering your family and all others you lead or influence. You have powerful processes that protect and preserve your True Wealth for current and future generations.


You fail to progress because you believe that if you would have had a better past, you would be more successful today.

You express a desire to do more in life, but are overwhelmed with life’s complexities and uncertainties.

You feel you are meeting most your goals and are somewhat confident you will be able to financially retire, but are concerned about what to do with the rest of your life.

Your Personal, Family & Business Vision reach beyond current endeavors and empower you to say “no” even to the very important, so you can say “yes” to your long term “Essential”.


You are too busy to be interested in taking the time to ask questions or to learn. It’s easier to just do what you can without involving others.

You jump from one “great” idea to the next, always interested but never staying with something long enough to complete it.

You are an interested learner, thirsting for new and exciting knowledge, and investing time contemplating ways to employ what you learn.

As a lifelong learner, you are a leader who never “arrives”; you constantly challenge the status quo; and, you wisely respond to life’s challenges rather than merely reacting to them.


You often judge others, comparing them to your ideal and then wondering why they can’t ever meet your expectations.

You strive to be interested- listening to and observing others’ stories and actions, and when convenient will actually spend time trying to help.

You are a good listener and easily understand others’ challenges, volunteering your talents to help overcome their obstacles for them.

You genuinely care about others and extend your time and resources to guide them in resolving their own challenges and capturing opportunities that make them better leaders.


You are indifferent to your health, spirituality and overall well-being and not inclined to change.

You feel frustration with your “start and stop” approach to personal physical, intellectual and spiritual well-being and growth.

More often than not you exercise, read, study, and eat healthy. You have a strong spiritual foundation and enjoy spending time with family.

Your spiritual foundation influences your, intellectual, health and social choices; and is prominently and actively instilled within your family and profession.


You are a workaholic focused so intently on your business, regardless of where you might be physically.

You feel personal and business pressure that makes it difficult to focus on those things that matter most.

You make every effort to be proactively involved with family, especially in moments of crisis, problem solving, fun and celebration.

You continually design and participate in social, spiritual, educational, and charitable activities as well as traditions that invite full family participation.


You say and do what you have to so that others will like you even when you don’t like them.

You hide your frustration with not being able to achieve more by exaggerating past achievements and current status.

You have helped identify and establish core principles intended to guide you personally, professionally and within your family.

You are reliably consistent and genuine. You lead with well thought-out, experienced based, and agreed upon principles that never change.

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