July 14th, 2013

Life never looks so short as when you look back on it – Clyde S

By Ron Nakamoto


This poignant letter, written by a dying grandfather to his 3 week old grandson, captures the powerful insights of a man who lived a foreshortened but very full and meaningful life.  This could very well serve as part of what we would call a "Family Philosophy" because of the wisdom from experience that's expressed.

Yet, what's missing is the narrative, the story of the brave pilot and what he experienced in his life that led to his insights.  We believe that more important than the final conclusions are the experiences and the stories that lead to them.  People remember and draw the lessons from the stories of the people that matter.

(special thanks to +John A. Warnick for referencing this website and this letter on LinkedIn).


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Letters of Note: It’s a strange and confusing world

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