June 28th, 2016

Lee Brower: A Life Coaching Lesson on Strengthening Families

By Ron Nakamoto

Lee Brower often serves as a “guru” to successful entrepreneurs.  However, in this video, the roles are reversed as Lee tells a story about Joe Martinez, a hospitality entrepreneur who “walks his talk” by giving and contributing to the well-being of others and by so doing, demonstrates how to strengthen families from the “inside out”.


“There is no challenge that can be too big for the human spirit”

– Joe Martinez



“Civilizations are not destroyed from the outside in, they’re destroyed from the inside out”

– Joe Martinez


Whether it was by continuing to pay his employees in the wake of Hurricane Wilma or building schools so that parents could have a place for their children to be cared for while they work, Joe Martinez put his money and more importantly his heart into strengthening families. As Lee Brower notes in this video, Joe Martinez is doing his part to strengthen families and hold civilization together… from the inside out.


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