May 17th, 2016

Lee Brower: A Life Coaching Lesson on Character

By Ron Nakamoto

As a life coach and guru to entrepreneurs and young adults, Lee Brower has a strong message about character and leadership. In the video below, Lee talks about principles over individual values and calls for leaders to “act courageously for what we know is right.”

Character is the ability to carry out a worthy decision after the emotion of making that decision has passed.

– Hyrum Smith

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.

– John Wooden

Lee Brower is a champion for families. He talks frequently about strengthening families and how families are the backbone, the bedrock of society. And as he mentions in this video, the importance of character extends to business, the law, and government as well.

So how do we develop character? Empowered Wealth focuses on leaders and leadership as the key to developing character in families, groups, businesses, and communities. In turn, our focus is on Gratitude, True Wealth, and the daily practice of focusing on these elements, on what’s essential, building positive habits that over time become positive traits. It is these positive habits and traits that form the positive character that Lee Brower hopes to inspire people to strive for.


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