April 26th, 2016

Lee Brower: A Life Coaching Lesson. Learning from our Past

By Ron Nakamoto

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

– George Santayana

Teaching kids the value of learning is a major focus of Lee Brower’s Life Coaching. In the video below, Lee tells the story of how he traveled to Mongolia with his son and received a lesson that continues to reveal new insights.

Zolo’s comment about his thoughts and his knowledge having no value unless he shares them reminds me of an African proverb: “When an elder dies, a library burns down.” How many of us take the time to distill our experiences into stories that teach lessons? How much potential knowledge and wisdom is lost because we don’t take the time to create and share these stories?

“If we learn from our past, then we can create our future”

– Lee Brower


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