Welcome to Empowered Wealth®



Avi Kantor and David Quinn, Jackson Hole, WY Family Support Services

Our Mission:  We are committed to making sure that the things that are most important to you happen.  Together, we will build a collaborative, comprehensive plan that will provide you confidence and clarity as you progress on life’s journey.

What We Do and Why We Do It:  We provide both traditional family office services as well as innovative ideas and tools, all emanating from a different perspective:  “True Wealth” means much more than money. Your True Wealth is more than just the numbers on your balance sheet.  Optimizing wealth means optimizing not only financial assets but also all the other things that you value in life.  In fact, shouldn’t money and financial wealth be a resource that serves you and your family in living your best, your happiest, most fulfilled, most meaningful lives?


How We Do What We Do:

  1. Empowered Wealth:  Empowered Wealth provides a strong philosophical context for the services we offer.  Based on the work and 40 year career of Lee Brower, Empowered Wealth offers a customized program of education and training on the fundamentals of Gratitude, True Wealth, and Family Leadership.  In conjunction with Empowered Wealth, we also offer personalized coaching with Lee Brower himself, Avi Kantor, and associated professionals.  .
  1. Family Support Services:  A multi-disciplinary team of professionals develops an integrated strategy, guided and informed by your Four Keys and Core Values.  We will help you develop your unique Family Treasury; your True Wealth Philosophy/Wisdom Narrative; and your financial and estate plans.
  1. A Culture of Service Excellence:  Decision-making and execution can sometimes become complex.  We assist by simplifying wherever appropriate and at times taking on some of the many tasks involved in executing your optimal True Wealth management process.