June 12th, 2013

Jobs or Wisdom?

By Ron Nakamoto

The argument presented in the blog post below is that there are technology jobs available but that college doesn't prepare graduates to qualify for these jobs.  Therefore, colleges should train students for these technology jobs.  The blog post points to e-learning as a promising bypass of what I'll call the existing military-industrial-educational complex.  The author calls out to "put these schools…in their places" and "start focusing on career education, not the Greek philosophy."

Is wisdom no longer relevant?  Is learning and thinking now reduced to job-related skills?  I would posit that jobs skills AND thinking skills AND wisdom are essential to achieve a life well-lived, a life of sustainable prosperity.

Think Greek philosophy is a waste of time?  I challenge anyone to read this post from the blog of +Tim Ferriss and the say honestly that there's no value in Greek philosophy:



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