February 29th, 2012

“It’s Halftime America” – Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl Commercial

By Ron Nakamoto

Clint Eastwood gave one of the most memorable halftime speeches in memory during the Super Bowl; and it was a commercial for Chrysler.

Eastwood’s speech was filled with inspired rhetoric about comebacks, rallying together, moving ahead, fighting again, not being knockout with one punch. But where’s the logic for this pep talk? Forbes rated Detroit the #1 Most Dangerous City in America.
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America’s Most Dangerous Cities

#1 Detroit, Mich.

Look at this picture from the Forbes story on the most dangerous cities.  Did you notice that there aren’t any people in the picture, even on a bright sunny day on an urban walking path near a major business center?  What does that suggest about Detroit’s “comeback”?

I want to like Clint Eastwood and I want to get fired up by his rhetoric.  I just wish his message was more consistent with reality.  True, he did finish with a message about focusing on what’s ahead and finding a way or making one if we have to.  The unanswered question is “how?”

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