February 9th, 2015

It’s actually the practice of noticing and appreciating what we already have that will bring more happiness – Melissa Stephenson

By Ron Nakamoto

Originally shared by +Ron Nakamoto

Like Empowered Wealth, the article below cites the research of University of California Davis Professor Robert Emmons to support the practice of Gratitude. The use of a Gratitude Journal, one of the "5 Ways to Use Gratitude" mentioned in the article, is a practice that we actively promote. However, while gratitude journals are currently popular, we've found in our experience that there are nuances to the use of journals in the practice of Gratitude that the article does not mention.

In his research and in private conversations that I've had with Dr. Emmons, he mentions the concept of "Gratitude Fatigue". Just as one can over-exercise in one's zeal to become fit, so too can one over-practice Gratitude to the point where one's sense of Gratitude can become routinized and dulled. Thus, such well-intentioned advice to practice "…every week, every day, or even multiple times a day for maximum effect" isn't necessarily supported by Dr. Emmons' research.

Perhaps a better, more practical way to practice Gratitude might be to take a "minimum effective dose" approach. For what it's worth, my own practice is guided by awareness of what I would consider negative, non-productive mental-emotional states such as excessive fear, anxiety, or narcissism. I ask myself at least once a day if I've unconsciously drifted such states – in other words, if I"m in "ingratitude". I then apply Lee Brower's remedy "Go B.I.G." (begin in Gratitude).

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