May 28th, 2012

Is Money Really as Valuable as People Think It Is?

By Ron Nakamoto


Here’s an interesting synchronicity: two videos, one featuring well-known leadership guru John Maxwell and one featuring Lee Brower, both talking about rivers versus reservoirs of wealth.

John Maxwell’s “word of the day” was “affluence”. He made two simple observations about money: money gives a person options and the value of money is the good you can do with it. Two thoughts that are consistent with Empowered Wealth’s principles, concepts, and tools. Here’s the difference between what John Maxwell does as a guru and a thought leader and what Empowered Wealth does as an organization dedicated to empowering families: Maxwell has great thoughts and ideas. He speaks to a large audience. Empowered Wealth works directly with entrepreneurs and families to develop the mindsets, habits, and systems that can empower and sustain great thoughts and ideas.

One Response to “Is Money Really as Valuable as People Think It Is?”

  1. Jay Paterson

    Both speak the truth.
    However, the river will pass by, under utilized, unless the stewards of the river teach their successive generations how to use the river.
    How do you use the current to transport you safely?
    How do you use the river to supply sustainable energy?
    How do you take from the abundance of the river, and replenish it, so it will be of value to future generations?
    How do you protect the river, and its surrounding environment, from pollution and disaster.

    These same questions relate to the Treasury, and the successive generations of stewards of the Treasury will constantly improve the environment so that there is sustainable abundance for all.

    Thanks Ron, for posting these videos.
    Jay Paterson

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