February 7th, 2013

In a World of Instant Information, Mindset Matters

By Ron Nakamoto

The schematic below is from a Wired Opinion article written by Yale Professor David Gelernter.  In the article, he promotes the idea that a "worldstream" will replace the way the internet currently works by streaming preferred content that can then be accessed by any device capable of accessing the internet.  In other words, this process would aggregate, filter, and deliver preferred content sequentially as it becomes available.  What strikes me is that the initial selection process – i.e., what to look for and what to eliminate – is key to how productive and beneficial this method of information access becomes.  For this initial selection process, I offer the #empoweredwealth   mindset as a frame of reference.

In the "Big Think" video below, David Gelertner elaborates on the worldstream concept and the way it's already being applied by Apple and others.

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