March 4th, 2015

I believe when people have an opportunity to focus outside themselves, they will work toward a higher purpose – Ken Blanchard

By Ron Nakamoto

This brief post by Ken Blanchard talks about ideas from his latest book. I was particularly struck by this notion of "outward" focus versus "inward" focus because it's something that we talk about at Empowered Wealth as well. I also found Blanchard's framing of the subject as "spiritual" – that is, the opposite of "material" – to be a simple, elegant, and, as he puts it, "universal" way of expressing what spirituality means.

In our work, we have seen that an inward focus is a state of mind, a way of being that prevents us from "Going B.I.G." (begin in Gratitude). For me, when I find myself manifesting an inward focus – thinking that I "deserve" something, for example – I now know that I need to shift my focus and ask who can I thank or what small thing do I appreciate or how might I contribute to someone else's progress at this moment?


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