August 4th, 2015

How to Go B.I.G

By Ron Nakamoto

Originally shared by +Ron Nakamoto

Many of you know that Lee Brower suggests that we "Go B.I.G." – Begin In Gratitude – whenever we experience strong emotions, key events in life (good or bad), or moments of profound insight. Some of you also know that one of our tips for HOW to begin in Gratitude is "Play T.A.G.", where "T" stands for "Thank", "A" stands for "Appreciate", and "G" stands for "Give". The graphic below from the blog of James Altucher expands on what "Give" can mean.

Here's a quote from James' blog post that struck me: "When I give, I feel like suddenly I have something new inside of me…Giving is not something you do. It's something you practice."

In his post, James tells a personal story about someone else giving to him when he was in deep despair. He's now saying "thank you" to that person, who's no longer in his life but who truly helped him without needing anything in return. It's an example of updating and rewriting one's story…with Gratitude.


Give and You Will Receive – Altucher Confidential

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