June 4th, 2014

How The Word "Can" Goes Both Ways

By Ron Nakamoto

The article below from Entrepreneur Magazine discusses "impossible", "have to", "should", "shouldn't", and "can't" as negative mindset words.  Who would disagree?

The author Lindsay Broder then discusses changing "can" to "will", emphasizing that "will" is definitive whereas "can" is not.  In other words, turn "can" statements into affirmations.

Those of you follow Lee Brower's thinking know that he would counter this with The Empowering Question, "Can I…?", substituting interrogative self-talk for positive affirmations.  And you would know too that the research supports this.



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The 6 Words That Are Holding You Back
Language reflects how we think. Change your negative mindset by avoiding these words.

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