March 7th, 2012

How Do You Leverage Assets Other Than Financial Assets?

By Ron Nakamoto

Is leverage only about financial assets?  The basic concept of leverage is to do more with less.  Simple, isn’t it?

So how might this apply to Experience, Core, or Contribution assets?  Watch this video and you’ll learn about a fundamental concept:  capturing and capitalizing assets.

For Experience Assets, one of the keys is making your learning greater than the experience itself.  In other words, when writing down a description of an experience and perhaps contemplating, as the video suggests, something that you’re grateful for, you might ask yourself “what did I learn from this experience” or “what would I do differently, knowing what I know today?”

For Core Assets, for example, it might mean to think of more ways to turn these assets into actions that leave a legacy or make a contribution.  Or it might mean that a Core asset such as health could to lead to a contribution towards the better health of other family members in the form of more conscious family menu planning.

Try it.  Learning to capture and capitalize assets on a regular basis is a very powerful habit and a vital skill for sustaining prosperity.

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