February 21st, 2014

Hopeless Idealism or Real Living Legacy?

By Ron Nakamoto

Imagine +Lee Brower saying this:
“It’s a beautiful thing because it starts to rewire your mind when you get into every situation and instead of asking “What can I take” – you’re constantly asking what can I give? What can I give? Soon you find that your actions begin to catalyze a rich network of ripples.”

I can easily imagine Lee saying these words as he talks about “Contribution” and “Living Legacy”, two quintessential Empowered Wealth concepts.  Or perhaps he might be talking about “Empowered Gratitude”, giving unconditionally without expectation of anything in return.

But these are not Lee’s words; they’re the words of a young Indian woman from the San Francisco Bay Area.  In her talk below, Pavithra Mehta tells many stories, emphasizing several ideas that are strikingly similar to The Empowered Wealth Mindset:  the shift from consumption to contribution; sharing with others; and especially…
“What we will do for love will always be far more powerful than what we will do for money. What we can do together will always be far greater than what we can do alone.”


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Giftivism: Reclaiming the Priceless, by Pavithra Mehta
Giftivism: the practice of radically generous acts that transform the world. History has seen giftivists in all corners – Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and so forth. People who believed that when we change ourselves, we can fundamentally change the world. But this ability isn

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