May 28th, 2013

Honor Heroes, not Fools

By Ron Nakamoto

This blog post announces a new reality TV show and asks advisors to submit "anonymous" stories about clients who are fighting over inheritances.  First of all, this strikes me as a breach of fiduciary duty to clients for any advisor to accept this request, even if it's anonymous.  Second, supporting a TV show based on making a spectacle of wealth and the personal problems of wealth families, in my opinion doesn't serve anyone if it's only about entertainment.  Unless it leads to enlightenment – and there's no suggestion that it will even be looking to inform or educate anyone – I don't see any benefit in this show or any reason to support it.  Let's stop idolizing, resenting, glorifying, and/or mocking wealthy people.  Instead, let's honor and reward those families who make real contributions to the world and are abundantly rewarded for doing so.  Let's honor heroes, not fools.


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WILL WARS: America’s Next New Reality TV Series Now in Pre-Production – Families Feuding Over Inheritance Injustices Can Sign Up Here to Air Differences to 20 Million Viewers |Untitled DocumentUntitled Document
You don’t have to be a Kardashian, Celebrity Apprentice or PawnStar to be a denizen of reality television. As an advisor you can now pitch us the most

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