September 26th, 2014

Gratitude Walks: A Framework for Affirmations

By Ron Nakamoto

This short video from +London Real features Alex Ikonn describing his "Gratitude Walks". During these walks, Ikonn and his wife would describe aspirations that they were grateful for in the future, rather than what they actually possessed that they were grateful for. He calls these "mind anchors". Later in the video, in response to host Brian Rose's question about the difference between gratitude and goals, Ikonn talks about the importance of actually being grateful for what we have as opposed to what we want to get.

With all due respect, I find this to be "fuzzy" thinking on Ikonn's part. What he calls "Gratitude Walks" are actually, in my opinion, affirmations that happen to include the word "grateful" in them. Not that affirmations aren't effective but "interrogative self-talk" – what Empowered Wealth calls The Empowering Question – has been demonstrated to be more effective in academic studies.

Using +Lee Brower's four levels of Gratitude as a model, a true "Gratitude Walk" would focus on who to thank, what to appreciate (i.e., Ikonn's answer to Rose's question), and how to contribute to the betterment of others.



Gratitude Walks & Meditation – Alex Ikonn | London Real
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