April 25th, 2014

German Philosopher Martin Heidegger wrote about how death awareness…enables us…

By Ron Nakamoto

German Philosopher Martin Heidegger wrote about how death awareness…enables us to shift to a mode that simply appreciates that things are – Nathan Heflick

I recently spent time with my mother reflecting on the life of my father (who recently passed away). My mother suffers from moderate to severe dementia which results in her having a very loose grasp of the finality of my father’s passing.  She would ask periodically when he would be coming back or where he was and then remark about how he lived a good life and that it didn’t seem real that he’d passed away (my father was 95 years old at his death).

While this experience wasn’t exactly the same thing as contemplating my own mortality,

the sheer repetitiveness of repeating that “yes, he has passed away…yes we all will some day” over and over again with my mother became an odd sort of mantra.  Indirectly, I became more and more aware of all of the reasons why I want to live a fully engaged life.  After I left my mother to attend a conference, it was clear to me that I had a renewed focus on living life fully, not wasting my efforts on activities that don’t have significant meaning to me.  More than ever, I want to live my life in a way that reflects who I am and what matters to me.

Many of you follow Lee Brower’s Meaningful Mondays at www.leebrower.com.  “Meaningful” is the operative word for this weekly series.  Please join Lee.  Let’s stand for something, something that matters.  Let’s stand for Empowered Wealth.



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Thinking About Death Can Make You Value Life More –
Go ahead and contemplate your own mortality. How does it feel? Would you be surprised to learn that it can potentially improve your mental health to think about your death more often?

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