March 6th, 2013

Geniuses Are Not Confined to Apple Stores

By Ron Nakamoto

Apple calls their store consultants "geniuses" because they solve customer problems or issues.  That in some ways understates and misrepresents what genius is all about in this era of the internet, big data, Google, and mobile technology.

The blog post below by +Maria Popova_ discusses a book on "uncreative" writing experiments at the University of Pennsylvania.  Buried in the commentary is an interesting idea about "genius".  Popova states:  "__(Marjorie) Perloff has coined a term "moving information", to signify both the act of pushing language around as well as the act of being emotionally moved by that process.."  As Popova points out, "…information is only valuable when it’s synthesized into knowledge, which is then in turn transmuted into wisdom — so, perhaps, an even better concept would be moving wisdom."_

If genius is about "moving wisdom", who are the geniuses out there?


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Uncreative Writing: Redefining Language and Authorship in the Digital Age
“An updated notion of genius would have to center around one’s mastery of information and its dissemination.” “And your way, is it really

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