January 12th, 2013

Fiscal Cliffs, Filter Bubbles, Choice and Control

By Ron Nakamoto

America's recent experience with the Fiscal Cliff of 2012 illustrated how polarized the U.S. Congress is and how incapable of compromise many politicians have become.
In 2011, Eli Pariser popularized a term he called "filter bubbles" which called attention to the downside of algorithms that produce personalized search results.  Pariser believes that these "filter bubbles" narrow thinking by eliminating contrary or opposing viewpoints.  The result, he fears, is a narrowness that limits dialogue on the important issues of the day.
In 2001, #empoweredwealth commissioned a study of affluent families which concluded that one of the fears of these families is the loss of choice and control.  Since then, it's become very clear in our work with clients that this sense of choice and control is part of what gives people the confidence to move forward in a world of uncertainty.
I believe that we need to be essentially bi-polar:  that is, live with an Empowered Wealth mindset – a filter bubble of Empowered Wealth principles, concepts, and tools – and at the same time be open to new, even contrary ideas.  In other words, have a powerful frame of reference but learn to synthesize ideas and find common ground with others.

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