FAQ’s About Working with Lee Brower and Empowered Wealth

How can I work with Lee Brower to implement his principles and concepts into my practice?

Lee receives many requests to be coached personally, to be trained to do what he does, or just to learn from him. Because his time is limited, he has chosen to focus on his “unique ability” to inspire and coach very successful entrepreneurs who love their families and want to make a significant positive impact in the world. He only coaches a small number of entrepreneurs at any given time and is currently fully subscribed.

In order to serve as many people as possible and to offer several high-quality alternatives to his personal coaching, Lee has worked with his team to develop a certification – the Empowered Wealth Ambassador – and a two-day training ACT2016, the Ambassador Certification Training. This certification is now a prerequisite for anyone who aspires to personally work with and be mentored by Lee.

What does the ACT2016 training involve? What are the details?

The theme of the the Ambassador Certification Training (ACT2016) is “mastering the basics of Empowered Wealth”. The training will teach an Ambassador how to deliver “The Woman on the Airplane Story” and to describe the concepts of Gratitude, True Wealth, and Leadership to clients and prospective clients. The training gives each participant a first-hand experience of Empowered Wealth’s key concepts and tools: Positive Focus, Gratitude, The Clarity Experience™, The TimeMap™, and The Empowered Wealth Journal®, and The Empowering Question™. Finally, each Ambassador becomes a member of a select group of Empowered Wealth trained practitioners who share a common mindset and a shared vision of helping each other have greater impact in our chosen domains.

The next ACT2016 is scheduled for July 14th and 15th, at the Sheraton O’Hare, in Chicago. There is a special MDRT rate of $1,295 for this training (regular rate is $2,495). Click Here to register (use the discount code: MDRT).

For additional information on ACT2016, contact Melanie Davis at melanie@empoweredwealth.com.

What if I just want to use Lee’s philosophy and ideas in order to differentiate my practice from my competitors?

Lee Brower deeply values the intellectual property that he’s developed over his over 40-year career. Only Certified Ambassadors and Facilitators (the next higher level of training) are allowed to utilize his intellectual property and then, under strict guidelines. Lee is especially sensitive about people who use his ideas primarily to sell products, rather than to have a positive impact on families. Over the past several decades, numerous people have tried to copy, imitate, plagiarize, and otherwise take advantage of Lee’s ideas and intellectual property in order to differentiate themselves. Needless to say, we don’t tolerate or condone such activities. We aggressively enforce Empowered Wealth’s intellectual property rights whenever we become aware that those rights are being violated.

What if I only want to learn more about Empowered Wealth’s principles, concepts, and tools for myself and my family?

Rather than becoming a Certified Empowered Wealth Ambassador, Empowered Wealth’s principles, concepts, and tools are available in an online membership program Empowered Wealth Connect. The program offers a “Mastering the Basics of Empowered Wealth” series of courses, as well as advanced courses, book reviews, a private video library, and discounts on future Empowered Wealth events. MDRT members can enroll at a substantial discount from the regular rate of $79 month ($948 per year). The special MDRT annual rate is $395 and is available by clicking this link – Click Here.

What if I have additional questions?

Contact Ron Nakamoto, CEO of Empowered Wealth at ron@empoweredwealth.com.