September 20th, 2013

"Family banks also are more likely to sidestep potentially unhealthy family…

By Ron Nakamoto

"Family banks also are more likely to sidestep potentially unhealthy family dynamics that can occur with more informal loans, as long as they are treated like a professionalized family business, with proper documentation and a healthy governance system." – Warner King Babcock

The article below describes a "family bank" structure that has many similarities to the Family Treasury concept that +Lee Brower has pioneered.  We've discovered that avoiding "unhealthy family dynamics" through documentation and governance is important but far from the only element in building a structure that supports a thriving family.

By developing and relentlessly refining the concepts of True Wealth, Gratitude, Family Leadership, Living Legacy, and Congruent Leverage and applying them to enhance and improve the Family Treasury, Empowered Wealth continues to generate more and better tools to strengthen families.


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Founding a Family Bank
Consider a different way of funding future generations

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