June 27th, 2014

"Excellence with Ease"…Not!

By Ron Nakamoto

Almost 35 years ago, I attended a training that had "Excellence with Ease" as its tagline. Over the subsequent years, I've learned that, for me, this is an oxymoron.

The blog post below by Michael Hyatt addresses one of the main challenges that I come across when I talk with people about Empowered Wealth.  People want the transformation (the shift in thinking, the difference in way of being)…they want it to be fun, fast, and easy.  They'll hear Lee Brower speak, attend one of our workshops, or watch one of our videos and tell me "I like that" or "that makes perfect sense".  Then I explain that it takes daily practice – a disciplined routine, applying the principles, concepts, and tools of Empowered Wealth – to transform thoughts and behaviors into habits, ways of being, and ultimately the family culture that's necessary in order to sustain prosperity. I'll often then get a silent, uncomfortable nod that tells me that the listener knows this is true but is unwilling to embark on this path.

Michael Hyatt's suggestions are practical and, I believe, useful (interestingly, he uses the phrase and concept "empowering questions", although what he's communicating is not as thought out and nuanced as Lee Brower's "Empowering Question").  Take a few minutes to read and absorb his message.



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The Myth of Fun, Fast, and Easy
It’s easy to become discouraged when wins come slowly. Don’t be a victim of the myth of fun, fast, and easy. Here are five key actions to take when you are tempted to believe the lie.

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