July 8th, 2015

Everyone is Someone's Beloved Child

By Ron Nakamoto

This episode of the "Everyone Matters Podcast", featuring Harvard's Amy Cuddy and author Simon Sinek, is focused on leadership and creating "an environment where people can be human". Reminiscent of the work of the Arbinger Institute, the Barry-Wehmiller team works on the premise that everyone is someone's beloved child. It's a very humanizing way to look at others and, as Cuddy and Sinek agree, it's the way we should be because it's our natural way of being.

What also caught my attention in this episode were comments by Simon Sinek at approximately the 21 minute mark of the 30 minute podcast. Sinek talks about the release of the hormone oxytocin when we engage in acts of generosity, which he describes as "time and energy given without expectation of anything in return". This definition of generosity is very similar to what Lee Brower defines as "Empowered Gratitude". Sinek goes on to say that oxytocin is also released when we receive or even witness acts of generosity. Why does this matter? Because, as Sinek says, oxytocin makes us "nicer, more generous, boosts our immune system, causes us to live longer, and it affects our brain so that we become better problem solvers." In other words, it makes us better humans.

Wow! Those are some very good reasons to be generous and helpful to others and to create environments where "people can be human".Sinek's way of thinking adds additional insights and understanding to not only the concept of Empowered Gratitude but also our concepts of Contribution as a resource and Living Legacy – creating a positive legacy daily through the way we are as human beings.


Everybody Matters Podcast: Amy Cuddy and Simon Sinek » Bob Chapman’s Truly Human Leadership | A Barry-Wehmiller blog
This week’s episode of our “Everybody Matters” podcast features a discussion betwee n two great thinkers who have become good friends of Barry-Wehmiller. Amy Cuddy, a Harvard Business School professor, has the second most watched TED talk in the world. She is a social psychologist whose first …

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