October 4th, 2011

Empowering Families and Family Businesses

By Dave

By Greg Maddox

I teach the Empowered Wealth system to my family and clients so that they will teach it to their families and associates. One of the most successful ways I’ve found to teach the Empowered Wealth philosophy is to conduct family vacations with a specific purpose framed around the quadrants. For example, a couple of years ago, we went to our vacation home in Lake of the Ozarks , Missouri , and held a family vacation that had a specific purpose and theme.

That year we wanted to introduce the powerful message of the quadrants in simple terms that my three pre-school nieces could understand. So the theme for day one was “Love & Give” and on day two “Learn & Earn”. Our objectives on that family vacation were to develop leadership, become a high-impact family, discover our dynamic value, clarify who we are, learn to live in the proactive zone of predictable results, and understand that sharing is having more. Now don’t get me wrong. We walked, jogged, swam, rode in boats and on jet skis, and did all sorts of activities. But if you ask anyone what they remember most about the lake trip in 2007, it was the time that we gathered as a family and discussed how these four quadrants impacted our relationships with each other, our friends and other family members.

In fact, for me my favorite memory of the whole trip didn’t even happen on the trip. When my family first decided to have a vacation with a purpose, I was elected to the planning committee with my mom and my sister, Michelle. Now, anyone who knows me knows that my wife Renee is the trip and event planner in our family. Needless to say, I wasn’t really looking forward to organizing this whole event from scratch. In fact, because we were all so busy, we put off the meeting until almost the last minute. So, after a long day at work, I drove the 60-minutes to my mom’s house to meet with her and my sister Michelle. I can still remember the three of us sitting at the dining room table, filled with notes, ideas, sample agendas, shopping lists and a seemingly impossible to-do list…then the strangest thing happened.

As we talked about our upcoming vacation, we got excited about the experience we were going to create for the rest of our family. As the creative juices started flowing, we came up with idea after idea to incorporate. And, the next thing you know, we were laughing and enjoying ourselves as we put the finishing touches on the plan for what ended up being an incredible weekend. At that point I realized that it wasn’t about the weekend. The real meaning and value came from connecting with my mom and sister that night and creating a memory that will last a lifetime.

So we teach our clients how to set up their own Empowered Quadrant Bank, a conceptual bank—just like the Rothschild’s, where they can deposit and withdraw not only their Financial Assets, but also their Core, Experience and Contribution Assets for the present and future benefit of their family.

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