March 27th, 2012

Delivering Happiness

By Ron Nakamoto

In this video, Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, is complimented by author Seth Godin for going out on a limb with his “delivering happiness” campaign and the way that he (Tony) operates Zappos.  Tony’s reply is something to the effect that going out on a limb is not that dangerous because falling isn’t that bad; that he won’t go hungry or be homeless. 


It got me thinking about someone very near and dear to me.  Like many people, the real estate crash and the economic crisis of the last few years decimated this person’s business and investments.  There was one particular day, when, were it not for the generous unsolicited gifts of three friends – two gave him cash and one gave him a place to live and an opportunity to work – this once very successful businessman would have been homeless and without enough cash to buy a meal that very next day.

Two well-known, wealthy individuals walking in NYC talking about the risks of “delivering happiness”…On the one hand, who can argue against happiness?  Don’t we all want to be happy?  Yet, it’s a frivolous notion to even consider “delivering” happiness; as if it were a commodity that could be manufactured, ordered on the internet or your cellphone, and “delivered” by a uniformed service person.  Juxtapose the Seth Godin/Tony Hsieh video with these two pictures:






How does “delivering happiness” feel now?

Do we really “deliver happiness” by passing out colorful handheld signs and placards or driving an expensive RV around the country, advertising happiness?  Or is there a different starting place on the road to happiness?

What about starting with Gratitude?

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