October 11th, 2013

Cultivating Curiosity through Questions

By Ron Nakamoto

The article below from The Harvard Business Review describes an ongoing "culture of curiosity" that has been created and nurtured at HopeLab.  It's a great story and a wonderful testimonial for what can be done to foster creativity and innovation.

But rather a list of qualities like those mentioned in this article and others (i.e., the Four Ways, or the Top Five this, or the 10 Best that), I believe that the idea or concept that drives a culture of curiosity is the art of asking questions.  Questions are the essence of curiosity.  Coupled with a worldview like the Empowered Wealth Mindset, the art of asking questions can drive innovation and positive contribution for individuals, families, and organizations.


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Four Ways to Cultivate a Culture of Curiosity
Innovation lessons from a video game non-profit.

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