Thank you for visiting our list of Ambassadors. We will soon provide contact information for each Ambassador. For now, please contact Melanie Davis at (801) 397-3300 for the individual Ambassador contact information.

Name: City: State:
Craig Adamson Marion IA
D. Kyle Atkins Spartanburg SC
Shawn Barberis Towson Maryland
Richard Boehm New York NY
Brent Brodeski Rockford IL
Peter Bromley
Jay Brown Corte Madera CA.
Roger Buckeridge
Robert Clark Marblehead Massachusetts
Rusty Cooper
Mike Cyrs
Chris Doughty Mequon WI
Philip Elworth Inverness IL
Sean Fair
Fred Feistmann Kamloops BC
Stacey Fielder-August Katy Texas
Steven Goldbloom Bellevue WA
Jeff Gutovich Beverly Hills CA
Charles Jewett Escondido CA
Avi Kantor Penn Valley PA
Karen Laprade Vancouver British Columbia
Sean Lewis Dallas Tx
Jeff Mitchell
Clifford Morgan VALPARAISO IN
Jeff Newburn
Dennis Niven Scottsdale AZ
Brent Owens Phoenix Arizona
Devang Patel Edison NJ
Jay Paterson Waterloo Ontario
Christopher Payer Greenfield Center NY
Bill Schieffer Wilmington DE
Michael Scott Westborough MA
Josh Sherrard Valparaiso IN
Doug Sippel Lake Oswego OR
Jim Smyth Carmel IN
Glen Snyder Davis CA
Sylas Stacy
Todd Thomae
Daniel Wachs Valparaiso IN
Bob Woolsey Peoria IL