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Empowered Wealth Connect – the online version of our private teaching, training, and coaching system – launched in March with our first program “The Secrets of True Wealth”. The program consists of 12 modules, covering all of the basics of The Empowered Wealth Mindset – Gratitude, True Wealth, Family Leadership, Living Legacy, and Congruent Leverage.

Each module consists of video lessons featuring Lee Brower leading actual small group coaching sessions.  Some of the modules contain exercises, worksheets, and previously unreleased videos of Lee presenting the principles, concepts, and tools of Empowered Wealth.  You’ll participate in several of our signature experiences:  The Clarity Experience, At What Age Will You Die?, Remember the “F”, and The TimeMap Experience.  You’ll also receive several surprise bonuses as you complete modules.

Here is a list of the 12 courses for “The Secrets of True Wealth” that you will receive:

  • Course 1: Positive Focus
  • Course2: Gratitude
  • Course 3: How to Use the Gratitude Rock
  • Course 4: Your Lifetime as a Tool
  • Course 5: What is True Wealth?
  • Course 6: Getting Clarity
  • Course 7: Family Leadership
  • Course 8: Creating Your True Wealth Philosophy
  • Course 9: Creating Leverage
  • Course 10: Empowered Thinking
  • Course 11: Getting into Motion
  • Course 12: The Powerful Planning Process

Here’s what you you can expect when you sign up for “The Secrets of True Wealth”:

  • A program that will teach and train the main principles, concepts, and tools of Empowered Wealth.  These are the same principles, concepts, and tools that Lee Brower uses in his private practice The Business Family Coach;
  • A new Empowered Wealth learning module each month for 12 months;
  • A complimentary virtual coaching call within the first 90 days of your participation in the program to support your progress;
  • Membership in the new Empowered Wealth Connect community.  This will entitle you to exclusive member access to podcasts, videos, and live events throughout each annual membership year.

Become a Member

Your investment in “The Secrets of True Wealth” will be $79/month and includes an annual membership in Empowered Wealth Connect.

We offer both family and business discounts for multiple users.  Contact Ron Nakamoto ron@empoweredwealth.com for further information.

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