August 1st, 2012

Comparisons and False Happiness

By Ron Nakamoto

Would you feel happier if everyone else was worse off than you?  Would you feel unhappy if everyone else was better off than you?  As you ponder these questions, watch this video of Lee Brower describing several situations involving comparisons:


At the end of this video, Lee says, “External forces do not create sustainable happiness.  It’s impossible…You can’t have sustainable prosperity without true happiness…or true gratitude.”  It’s the very human tendency to compare ourselves with others that limits our thinking and stifles our growth.  Try this:  memorize an Empowered Wealth principle “Everything begins with Gratitude”.  Then tell yourself that every time you realize that you’re comparing yourself with someone else, you’ll think of this principle.  See if comparison turns into compassion and/or appreciation for yourself and for others.  Then see where that takes you.  We’re interested.  Let us know.

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