February 22nd, 2012

Clarity Experience

By Ron Nakamoto

The Clarity Experience is described in the book “The Brower Quadrant”.  It’s a very simple exercise that guides the reader through a series of responses to questions about life and values.  Just before the holidays, Empowered Wealth was privileged to conduct a live Clarity Experience for a small group of colleagues and prospective clients as a preview of the new seminars and products that we’ll be releasing in 2012.  We were reminded of some of the reasons why the experiences we conduct for our clients and colleagues are so valuable:

1.  Having a teacher or a coach a mentor accelerates progress;
2.  Participating fully is the clearest path to learning;
3.  Awareness is the first and necessary step to for any change to occur;
4.  Action is usually the missing component for results;
5.  Being accountable to someone else accelerates progress.

For 2012, we’re expanding and renaming this experience.  It’ll become “The Gateway to Prosperity Experience” (or “Gateway Experience” for short).  Watch this blog for more information.

For more information on the book The Brower Quadrant”, click here.

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