Chapter 13 Readers… Thank You

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Whether you are worth zillions-or struggling to make ends meet-you are rich! And, at this moment, you are either living in abundance or you are living in scarcity, it’s up to you. What you have is not about doing more with less , but doing more with more in all areas of your life! The world needs gratitude instead of victimhood; value-based leadership instead of number management; asset optimization instead of asset isolation. In this book, you’ll learn from six key components that will cement families to their True Wealth for generations to come.

Gratitude: How do you take a simple three syllable word that is often used without genuine sincerity, and transform it into the most powerful agent for sustaining your family’s True Wealth?

Leadership : How do you protect yourself from being a great manager at the expense of leadership? Learn how true leaders attract greater relationships and opportunities that lead to greater True Wealth.

Harmony: How do you bring into congruity all four of your asset quadrants-Financial, Core, Experience and Contribution-in an organized manner, creating a harmonious symphony? Discover the power of the Family Empowered Quadrant Bank.

Motion: How do you achieve more without setting goals? Discover why the use of goals is forbidden in many companies and families.

Leverage: How do you leverage your experiences to create huge advantages for your children? Learn from one man who nearly lost one of his most valuable possessions because he didn’t understand the power of leverage.

Legacy: How do you pass on a legacy without passing on? Discover how one family actually creates a living legacy while enjoying a delicious breakfast.