January 29th, 2013

Challenge-Based Leadership

By Ron Nakamoto

The future of business is becoming the future of women.  Why are young women outperforming young men in academics and post-graduate achievement?  Because, as this blog post suggests, they have to in order to succeed.  They have to view their business success as a challenge, as a series of obstacles to overcome.  In the modern world, this must now become the fundamental attitude for leadership in business and in families, not just for women but for everyone.  Reframing vision, goals, projects, and activities in terms of self-defined challenges adds emotional fuel to our efforts.


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Strategistas: The Women in Leadership and Strategy
[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post and manifesto from Puja Ghelani. It was originally posted at her latest project: Strategistas.com]
Harvard Business Review published a controversial article in March 2012 titled, “Are Women Better Leaders Than Men?” in which the answer was a resounding yes. The fascinating part about the report and the research on which it is based (conducted by Zenger Folkman) is that while some stereotypes hold true, there a…

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2 Responses to “Challenge-Based Leadership”

  1. Robert Andrews

    From what I've read, the American academic system is more conducive for girls than boys. Studies show that boys do better at at boys school. Elementary, high school or college.

  2. Ron Nakamoto

    I live with a teenage girl and just sent a teenage boy to college.  The girls come into the house well-dressed carrying books, ipads, and notebooks; the guys waltz in with saggy jeans, baseball hats on sideways, listening to music with headphones.

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