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An #empoweredwealth  repost.

December 2nd, 2013

An #empoweredwealth  repost.
Reshared post from +Ron Nakamoto
How Do You Measure Return on Assets?
One of the hallmarks of entrepreneurship is value creation.  Creating value for others leads to financial rewards is the basic formula for most entrepreneurs.  But what if we look at value creation through the lens of the Brower Quadrant and True Wealth?
This […]

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"Giving too much money to kids actually destroys their lives," Graham Tuckwell
In this brief interview, Tuckwell goes on to say that his kids "need to achieve in their own right.  That's what they'll do."  He assures the interviewer that "we'll look after them" (referring to his children) but implies that they will be expected to […]

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The blog post below by +DARREN HARDY clearly differentiates what #empoweredwealth has long defined as "true wealth" from being financially "rich" or false wealth.  We admire Darren's work, especially his book "The Compound Effect".

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Wealthy—Inside and Out | Darren Hardy, Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine
I had lunch with my friend Andy recently at a sushi restaurant in San Diego. […]

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America's recent experience with the Fiscal Cliff of 2012 illustrated how polarized the U.S. Congress is and how incapable of compromise many politicians have become.In 2011, Eli Pariser popularized a term he called "filter bubbles" which called attention to the downside of algorithms that produce personalized search results.  Pariser believes that these "filter bubbles" narrow […]