January 28th, 2013

Cancer Doesn't Care That Lance Armstrong Cheated

By Ron Nakamoto

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Cancer Doesn't Care That Lance Armstrong Cheated

The Lance Armstrong myth can continue towards a heroic climax if cancer – not the cycling world, not the anti-doping agencies, not the media – once again becomes the foe.  Visit www.wackywarriors.org to read about how +Lee Brower and colleagues at #empoweredwealth have quietly led the way.  I'd love for Lance Armstrong to become a hero again…once again as a leader in the fight against cancer and human suffering.  Part of leadership must be to overcome our worst behaviors for a cause bigger than ourselves.

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Can Lance Armstrong Rebuild His Brand?
The former professional cyclist whose mythic comeback story captivated the world now faces a crisis of trust and an opportunity for redemption. Here’s…

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