November 25th, 2015

“By means of the will man passes from an intellectual state into act and deed. And these activities of the mind are not merely isolated movements; they become links in a series of actions and acquire permanence. The agent throws himself into these acts; and in the exercise of knowing and willing he becomes characterized by his own deeds. The more frequently he does the act, the more easy and pleasurable does it become. And this blending of pleasure and volition creates that tendency or bias towards doing it that we denominate Habit. Therefore it is that we have spoken of character as a habit of will.” – Robert Elliott Speer, The Stuff of Manhood, Some Needed Notes on American Character, 1917

By Ron Nakamoto

The passage above from the blog "The Art of Manliness" by Brett and Kate McKay focuses on "character", what it is and how we can cultivate it. The McKay's have a talent for curating historical literature and applying wisdom from the past to inform the present. Their post/article below is no exception.

The article reinforces some of the principles underlying Empowered Wealth's training and coaching, especially our focus on daily routines and habits, which build traits that become parts of our human character. As we often say, "Our character is our greatest influence within our families, our companies, and our communities." Cultivating strong, positive character is fundamental to our views on Leadership. Thus, from my perspective, this article by Brett and Kate McKay is worth reading in its entirety.

What is Character? | The Art of Manliness
Character. It’s a word we take for granted and probably have an affinity for, but likely have never really had to define and may struggle to do so when pressed.

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