February 7th, 2014

Building from the "Inside Out"

By Ron Nakamoto

This past week I heard two leaders independently mention the concept of building their organizations from the “inside out”.  One was Superbowl Champion Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.  Carroll talks about the need for commitment in the article below:

“We realized that we had a tremendous commitment to what we were doing on the field, and that we needed to embrace that we needed that commitment to extend off the field as well, in all


Carroll also talked about having compassion for those who were unable to maintain the level of commitment that the team required:

“When we’ve had anybody who has strayed, or had an issue, or whatever, it came to the point where we really felt compassion for the guys that couldn’t hang with us in the commitment that we made,”

Carroll then goes on to talk about the inside out concept:

“So, I think it’s become very strong from inside-out, from inside right in the middle of the locker room on out, and I think that we’re on a really good path. I think it’s a good illustration of what it takes to get everybody committed and everybody on the same page, and I think the commitment to our football and the commitment to the Seahawks is pretty clear right now.”

The other example of the “inside out” concept was expressed by the founder of an architectural design firm in Texas for whom we led a recent retreat.  She talked about rebuilding her firm by investing in the mindsets and well-being of her people; that is, building from the “inside out”.  Her thinking was that if she helped her people to become the best that they can be in their personal and professional lives, that she would strengthen her team and strengthen their commitment to their work.

Interesting parallel?


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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll formulated plan to address player substance abuse
Pete Carroll said Wednesday it was the suspension of linebacker Bruce Irvin last spring that finally got the attention of the rest of the Seattle Seahawks that they needed to be taking their commitment to the team more seriously.

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31 Responses to “Building from the "Inside Out"”

  1. Ron Nakamoto

    Thank you +Jr. Ramos 

  2. Amexus Carter

    Odd. It does parallel a not too distant article. The article detailed their Oregon located schools perspectives on THC use. The introduction details the students respective roles involving traffic violations. And very small amount if THC. Yet, commitment is a requirement. You seemed to addressed dismissals. And possibly, small additions. From and to the team respectively. Am I incorrectly, reading the parallel?

    And I am indeed grateful to have read what you share. Enjoy the day. It's beautiful out.

  3. Ron Nakamoto

    I don't quite understand the Oregon schools situation but I can tell you that the "inside out" concept is about personal commitment and alignment of team members to a clearly articulated vision.  So by analogy, if a student isn't committed to the vision, as demonstrated by their actions, they would be treated with compassion but excluded from the school until they can demonstrate a renewed commitment to the school's vision.

  4. Amexus Carter

    +Ron Nakamoto My haste in typing. I understand. How I, created the confusion.

  5. Johnny Mitchell

    That's a good thing carroll,go hawks

  6. Jeff Foley

    I have a lot of respect for Carroll, always did but never liked him.. rivalries.

  7. Ron Nakamoto

    I share your sentiment (UCLA grad, ex-Bay Area resident and lifelong 49er fan)

  8. Mike Oswald

    Sounds like his college days… Always a black cloud around this guy. Why?

  9. Ron Nakamoto

    I suspect that he learned some things from mistakes he made at USC about cutting corners and dealing with less than high integrity.  I give him credit for setting the bar higher for the Seahawks and walking his talk.  I believe in the concept of building a team and an organization from the inside out.

  10. Jeff Foley

    Yea I disliked him during his time at USC but respected his knowledge of the game

  11. Ron Nakamoto

    I respect anyone who can learn from his mistakes and get better.  He may not admit his past mistakes in public but I think he expects more of himself and his players now and is clearer about what excellence means.

  12. Amexus Carter

    +Ron Nakamoto I agree. This demonstrates what it can mean to "work at a higher standard". Excellent discussions.

  13. Greg Quintana

    +Mike Oswald Iwouldn't really say substance abuse is a black cloud. It's more of a white cloud and everyoe is doing it in the NFLour guys just need to be smarter about it.
    I mean they are warned about upcoming test…how hard is it to pass?

  14. Mike Oswald

    +Greg Quintana I agree but it seems to follow Pete is my point. Not 1 player on the Bear's has been fined or suspended for this. Many teams as well. I just think Pete surrounds himself with questionable people but what the hell do I know lol

  15. Greg Quintana

    +Mike Oswald that's a good point. Maybe he feels if he can connect with a troubled guy then the take away is worth that cloud. Good points Sir.

  16. Mike Oswald

    +Greg Quintana I think so because he's an ok guy.

  17. Art Silva

    See this is what I'm talking about, why wasn't this an issue during the season ? Any other team, the league would be all over it. This is admitting that this SB was tainted as suspected by millions.

  18. Mike Oswald

    +Art Silva huh?

  19. Greg Quintana

    +Art Silva Check the facts, besides substance abuse and peds Broncos and many other teams had violations. The only thing trained by the Super Bowl was a lack of preparation by a Bronco team that grossly underestimated their opponent. Not to mention alcohol violations and failure to appear. #vonmiller

  20. Art Silva

    you can cloud the accusations all you want Greg by "well so-and-so did it too", but it is well publicized mid-way thru the season that seattle has had some PED problems, obviously more than any other team in the league, yet the NFL swept it under the rug and let them continue on with their "dirty" play. Now after the fact, they decide to give it some attention? bro please!

  21. Daniel Buchner

    +Art Silva please explain how smoking weed – the only thing any Seahawks player was guilty of this season – tainted their Super Bowl win? Are you one of those people who doesn't know the difference between Substance Abuse (weed, etc) and PEDs? Do you somehow believe weed enhances performance? I'm hearing what appears to be some rather laughable, ignorant stuff from you Art – I hope you've been joking this whole time…

  22. Greg Quintana

    Come with facts +Art Silva. Then we can talk.

  23. Art Silva

    +Daniel Buchner I believe that's a question for Rodger Goodell. I'm hearing a little defensive ignorance to the real story here from you Daniel, I hope you are joking because blind fanaticism is not a good character trait. see what I did there 😉

  24. Daniel Buchner

    +Art Silva dazzle me with your answers:

    True or False: Substance Abuse is not PED abuse – weed does not equal steroids.

    True or False: no Seahawks player was busted for PEDs this season.

    True or False: weed has been shown to reduce physical stamina and short-term memory retention – the exact opposite of a performance enhancer.

    True or False: there is nothing that indicates any Seahawks players gained an unfair advantage from any illicit substance, for this Super Bowl.

    With all that bravado, I hope you have the stones to answer a few simple questions Art.

  25. Art Silva

    +Daniel Buchner I love how you are skirting the documented claims… oh btw, where did I say anything about pot? 
    A simple search will reveal all you want to know.. if you dare to challenge your denial.
    Here, let me get you started:
    The history of substance abuse is documented.
    You tell ME why the league decided to wait on this issue.

  26. Daniel Buchner

    +Art Silva so the link you just posted talks about the 2 players who smoked weed this season, and 1 player who was on suspension the first 4 games of this season for taking a PED last season. Thanks for proving me right with your own link – and congratulations for shooting yourself in the foot, go get that looked at.

    Again, I'll reiterate the facts for your 9/11-Truther-esque brain:

    – no Seahawks player took PEDs this year, probably as a result of Pete Carroll cracking down on the team, as this article makes clear.

    – the PED used last year by a few players was Adderall. Adderall is a temporary (hours long) stimulant that provides greater mental focus. It is completely gone from the body in 7 days, and has no lasting effect. To claim someone who took Adderall a year ago, is on PEDs presently, is absolutely fucking moronic.

    – this season 2 players got busted for smoking weed (legal in the state of Washington), which is a performance degrading drug.

    – under heavy scrutiny, no one from the team was so much as suspected of PED use this season or in the Super Bowl.

    Art, you're flailing, and that's because you're trying to invent shit to be up in arms about. Go far away.

  27. Ron Nakamoto

    At this point, let's take a step back +Art Silva and +Daniel Buchner .  While you both can't be right on this issue, I don't think carrying this further adds to the discussion.  The Seahawks are SuperBowl Champions, Pete Carroll built a great team, and he did it with the "inside out" philosophy that's touched on in the original article that I posted.  Let's focus on that lesson and any learning that can apply to any of us that will make us better people.

  28. Daniel Buchner

    +Ron Nakamoto I completely agree with you. This is the second thread I've seen Art troll on with his "well one time, last season, at band camp, a Seahawk player took PEDs – so obviously their ___ this season isn't legitimate."

    If he continues diverging and talking about conspiracy theories, I'd suggest just blocking him for contributing nothing to the topic.

  29. Ron Nakamoto

    +Daniel Buchner I'm a free speech guy so I'm reluctant to block anyone (but not above it either).  Thank you for contributing your thoughts.

  30. Daniel Buchner

    +Ron Nakamoto I'm a libertarian, so I have a great appreciation for free speech. This sort of thing feels different though. It's a personal thread about a specific topic – coaching excellence and Carroll's approach to the game. When someone starts ranting about off-topic conspiracies, it's kind of like when a civilian stands up in the public gallery in the Congress and creates a disturbance. They are free to do so, and are not charged with a crime, but the guards remove them from the chamber. Just food for thought – Art seems quieter now, so it's probably not necessary anyway.

  31. Ron Nakamoto

    I can't add anything more +Daniel Buchner .  Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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