September 20th, 2013

Are Philanthropy and "Giving" the Same Thing?

By Ron Nakamoto

This article is about the amount of philanthropy that Generation Y and X are generating versus the Baby Boomer generation.  The article also talks about the amount of charitable gifts that Silicon Valley is producing, such as the enormous financial contributions from billionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin.

  #empoweredwealth has a concept called "contribution", a category of assets along with core, experience, and financial that makes up one's "true wealth".  Within this framework, contributions can be more than just financial; they can be comprised of core and experience assets as well.  In other words, your experiences, your compassion, your emotional support are "contributions" as well.

Philanthropy has come to mean the contribution of large amounts of money for good causes.  But isn't philanthropy really about "giving" and contributing to good causes, to a better world and a better future?  And, from a "true wealth" perspective, doesn't that mean more than just money?

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Study: Young MIllionaires Doing The World A Solid
Young wealthy Americans are living — and giving large, a new study says. According to the sixth release of the Fidelity Millionaire Outlook study, Generation Y and X millionaires are raking in the dough faster than their baby boomer counterparts, but they’re also giving more.

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