February 3rd, 2012

Archie Manning, Empowering a Legacy

By Dave

Capturing and capitalizing family assets is one of the cornerstones of the Empowered Wealth system. When assets for success are at one’s disposal, anything other than capitalizing on those assets represents missed opportunity. Opportunity can be handed down from anywhere, but what is done with an opportunity is what measures a person’s success. In the case of Peyton and Eli Manning, their name alone brought them attention in the football world because of their father’s 14-year NFL career. Such a thing can be both good and bad, as lofty expectations can pile on the pressure to succeed for sons of former players who might not possess the same sets of skills as family members before them.

For Peyton and Eli though, name recognition earned them attention early in their football careers, and that wasn’t something they were going to let go with utilizing it to their advantage. Both players have demonstrated tremendous focus and work ethic from their high school years all the way through college and into professional football. The result is a pair of already decorated football careers for the Manning boys that each greatly outshines the accomplishments of the career of their father, Archie Manning.

Even with a mediocre desire to succeed in football, both Peyton and Eli could have at least landed themselves college scholarships somewhere based on their natural ability and lineage. They’ve gone far above and beyond just that though, besting their father in almost every way with their football careers. Archie was the No. 2 overall selection when he was drafted in 1971, while both his sons were the No. 1 overall pick in their drafts. Archie never played in a Super Bowl, while each of his sons have won one Super Bowl, as well as a Super Bowl MVP award for each. Statistically, both of Peyton and Eli’s careers are far superior to their father’s.

While Peyton’s career has outshined his younger brother’s, Eli continues to work and improve, and could soon hold major bragging rights over his older brother. Peyton is 1-1 in Super Bowl appearances, winning his first Super Bowl in 2007, but losing his second trip in 2010. And while Peyton has four Most Valuable Player awards to his name, Eli has a chance to push his Super Bowl record to 2-0 this Sunday against the same team he beat for his first Super Bowl win back in 2008.

Peyton and Eli Manning seized the opportunity to work and learn from their father, as well as applying their own work ethic to perfect their games. Peyton and Eli earned their way to where they are, and if the third generation of Mannings improves in the same way as the second generation did from their father’s play, the NFL record books better be ready to cross off a few more names to write in “Manning” in its place.

Archie did more than pass along to his sons his God given abilities. He empowered them to, in essence, run the next generation of the family business. He not only transferred his athletic ability but he also was able to transfer some of the knowledge and wisdom he built up through his experiences. He taught his sons the mentality, the pitfalls, the techniques, and the overall vision of how to be an outstanding quarterback. He taught them to strive to be students of the game, and as a result they have become the best brother combination of quarterbacks in the history of football.

In Empowered Wealth terms, he capitalized his quarterback Experience Assets by communicating them and teaching them to his sons. The story of the Manning Family illustrates several fundamental Empowered Wealth principles and concepts. We focus on capturing and capitalizing all of the family’s assets including the talents, abilities, and intellectual assets. Just as Archie Manning passed along his Experience and Core assets to Peyton and Eli, Empowered Wealth helps other families pass along their assets to future generations. Just as Archie Manning taught Peyton and Eli was how to teach themselves, improve on their games, and develop their unique abilities, at Empowered Wealth we help our client families to define, nurture, and honor the unique abilities of their family members as key Core Assets of the family. Archie Manning and his sons provide a great example of how a father can empower a family legacy by capturing and capitalizing family assets.

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