November 29th, 2012

Appreciative Gratitude

By Ron Nakamoto

This blog post by +Michael Hyatt features and summarizes a video with the voice and comments of Brother David Steindl-Rast, a benedictine monk. Brother Steindl-Rast delves into what we as human beings, no matter who we are or what circumstances we're in, can appreciate about living today.

I'd like to expand upon Michael Hyatt's last point  "Bless someone else. Let your gratefulness overflow into the lives of those you encounter today.  It doesn't have to be fancy – offer them a smile, a touch, or the simple gift of your presence.  (You could also share this post with them!)"

Lee Brower, the founder of  #empoweredwealth , has developed a concept that he calls "active" or Empowered Gratitude.  True, a smile, a touch, a gift of presence can be transformative.  But what if we made it an intentional, chronic habit to act upon appreciation?  What if appreciation were to become the first step in a habitual process that leads to intentional, chronic positive action?

Thank you for sharing this post, Michael Hyatt.

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The Gift of Today—Lessons from a Monk
The older I get, the more I believe that gratitude is the answer to almost every problem we face. I recently watched this short video that reminded me of its importance.

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  1. Marco Lepe

    awesome post +Ron Nakamoto !  Thank you!

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