April 11th, 2017

An inspiring "True Wealth" interview with Gail Miller, the matriarch of the family that guides the NBA's Utah Jazz

By Ron Nakamoto

(I'd like to thank Empowered Wealth Ambassador Craig Adamson from Marion, IA, for bringing this podcast to my attention).

This interview with Gail Miller touches on many elements of Gratitude, True Wealth, and Leadership. In telling the stories of the many decisions and actions taken by her late husband Larry Miller, of her sons who now are active in the family businesses, and of her own initiative to keep the Utah Jazz as a permanent part of the community in Utah, Gail Miller shares glimpses of an extraordinary life of happiness, fulfillment, and meaning.


The Jonah Keri Podcast #93: Gail Miller | Nerdist
Jonah Keri jazzes it up with Utah Jazz owner Gail Miller about building an empire from nothing with her late husband Larry; changes in Salt Lake City; how to succeed in business; philanthropy; redefining her life after Larry’s death; The Jazz Way; Coach Jerry Sloan; addressing diversity in a city like Salt Lake; player retention; rebuilding; creating a legacy trust to keep the Jazz in Utah in perpetuity; public financing of stadiums and arenas; e…

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