ACT 2017

(Ambassador Certification Training) 2017


Next Training:  To Be Announced


People often ask us, “How can we bring the latest ideas from Empowered Wealth® to our family, friends and clients?”

With this in mind, we continue our Ambassador Certification Training (ACT2017) program.  We’d like to personally invite you to experience ACT 2017.

There is no better way for you to grasp the powerful principles, concepts and tools of Empowered Wealth® than to personally experience the positive impact for your family and for your business.

You will:

  • Learn how the Empowered Wealth Mindset provides a framework for navigating the future;
  • Preview The Business Family Coach®, the most powerful way to affect permanent positive change;
  • Experience the basic tools of Empowered Wealth®;
  • Learn how Empowered Wealth Connect can support you, your family, and your clients in developing an Empowered Wealth Mindset.
  • Be certified to present our signature concepts and become part of our growing community of Ambassadors.

When? The next ACT will be announced soon.

Where? To be announced soon.

Space is limited.

What is my investment? The tuition for the workshop and certification is $1,695.    If you wish to add a colleague, the tuition is an additional $1,495.  Your spouse or other colleague may attend the workshop but not be certified as an Ambassador for a fee of $495.

Note: Ambassador Certifications are for one year (each Ambassador must re-certify each year—no exceptions).

What benefits am I entitled to as a Certified Empowered Wealth Ambassador?

  • An annual membership in Empowered Wealth Connect (a $948 value);
  • A preferred referral relationship with Empowered Wealth Connect and The Business Family Coach® which also entitles you to receive referral fees;
  • Written permission to promote yourself as a Certified Empowered Wealth Ambassador;
  • Ambassador discount on live events;
  • Periodic virtual training tele seminars;
  • Pre-release access to all Empowered Wealth® publications;
  • Additional benefits as they are added.

What other opportunities are available?

Certified Empowered Wealth Facilitator. Empowered Wealth has developed a training program for Certified Ambassadors who are interested in presenting “The Secrets of True Wealth” and/or our business workshops such as “Building Your Business from the Inside Out” to the public. This certification involves completing the ACT2016 and a successful apprenticeship. There will be additional revenue opportunities and fee arrangements to be determined. Currently, Empowered Wealth has three Certified Empowered Wealth Facilitators.

Certified Associate Business Family Coach®.  For those who have a strong desire and the ability to become an Associate Business Family Coach®, they will undergo rigorous coaching program working directly with Lee Brower. The terms and conditions may be customized to the experience and unique ability of the applicant.


Click on the link below to register for ACT 2017. Space is limited.

If you want to be here in the worst way—but, you have an unresolvable conflict, it is important you email us at info@empoweredwealth.com and let us know so that we can invite you to our next ACT2017.

With Gratitude,

Lee Brower

Lee Brower

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